The subject of the Project “ASTRO – MODULES – Functional Sets for small and medium satellites “ is to carry out industrial research and development works on innovative functional sets for small and medium satellites. What is important, these types of satellites are becoming more crucial according to the Space 4.0 and “the presence” of an increasing number of commercial entities in space.

As a result of the implementation of R&D works, the Company will develop a product innovation on an international scale – a set of three comprehensive, standardized systems:
– system for opening solar panels,
– separation system,
– boom system.

In addition to the technical parameters, main feature that will distinguish ASTRO-MODULES from competitive solutions will be an innovative approach including offering comprehensive solutions in the form of “off-the-shelf” products.

To achieve the expected results and features of the functional systems, 3 research tasks are planned (including 2 tasks for industrial research and 1 for development works). Works related to the preparation for implementation will be carried out outside the Project and financed by Applicant itself. Within 3 years from the end of the Project, the results will be implemented to the Company, which will start producing and selling developed solutions.

Project results are a response to the market needs related to reducing the cost and time needed to product a satellite and requirements for increasing mission security by ensuring the reliability of the solutions used.
The main target group of the Project results will be entities operating in the space industry – integrators of small and medium satellites.
The Project corresponds to KIS 12, Strategy for responsible development, and the second thematic scope: Systems and subsystems
of small satellites, in line with the Space 4.0 / New Space trend


The Project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Operational Programme. The Project is developed under the National Centre for Research and Development competition: Fast Track – Space Technologies.

Project cost: 9 971 160.31 PLN
EU funding: 7 495 954.59 PLN