Development of space technologies through the implementation of R&D results in Astronika.
The funding for this project was awarded to Astronika as a result of the recruitment 3.3 Innovation in SMEs – Launching new or improved products or services, no. RPMA.03.03.00-IP.01-14-122/22, held under the Regional Operational Program of the Masovian Voivodeship for 2014–2020.
The aim of this activity is to facilitate the implementation of the results of Astronika’s R&D work through the purchase of a coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) and a modular mobile cleanroom unit – a softwall cleanbox.

As a result, Astronika intends to enhance its portfolio by improving the quality of a dedicated package of services encompassing the design, testing and manufacturing of components and instruments for satellite applications. This strategic investment will affect both the management of work as well as the final technical value of its outcomes; it will enable Astronika to handle larger-scale orders, carry out more projects simultaneously and complete work faster, as well as increase the precision and accuracy of the manufacturing process and improve the dimensional control of produced elements and devices.


Total project value: 975 851,25 PLN

EU funding: 634 700,00 PLN