Product Design and Manufacturing Collection
Network of Open Innovations is a project dedicated to building culture of open innovations. It creates and supports transactions of technology transfer to entities from the SME sector in Poland.


Project „Product Design and Manufacturing Collection” is co-financed by the European Union through Industrial Development Agency JSC under the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020, 1st component of Action 2.2. Open Innovations – support of technology transfer.

The main objective of this project is transfer of an innovative technology from an outside partner. Actions focused on building a system of support of technology transfer process would be undertaken, which would enhance the ability of knowledge building and implementation of good practices.


Product Design and Manufacturing Collection” is a set of tools that allow for full engineering analysis, creation of project documentation as well as technical and operational documentation within integrated CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM tools. The set of tools consists of the following software: Inventor, AutoCAD, NastranNavisworks, 3DSMax, Fusion360, Vault Basic.


The unique setup of that software and its connection in view of variety of different technologies would allow for efficient development of a virtual clone of any mechanical device together with technology of its production – both in subtractive manufacturing (milling, turning, EDM) as well as in additive manufacturing (3D printing). That way a unique engineering database has been created, which may be efficiently managed and allows for extraction of any information about a virtual object in any moment.

Thanks to acquisition of these technologies that fulfill the concept of universal design the ability of efficient and comfortable remote work would increase.

The objective of technology transfer fulfills the frames of environmental protection and efficient resource management. Thanks to advanced methods of simulation, the project would help to mitigate to a necessary minimum a number of manufactured prototypes and, at the same time, use of energy and materials and generation of waste.


Project cost: 345 585.30 PLN

EU funding: 84 289.10 PLN