Astronika sp. z o.o. was established in 2013 with the goal of taking crucial part in the development of the commercial space sector in Poland. Astronika is committed to supplying innovative solutions to the widely understood aerospace industry. Services are provided to large as well as small companies, international agencies, and the government, and they aim to meet the demand of Polish, European and global markets. The company has contributed to such missions as ESA’s JUICE (Jupiter) and ATHENA (X-ray satellite), NASA’s InSight (Mars), or Roskosmos/ESA’s Luna-Resurs (Moon).

The main space products developed by the company include: lock & release mechanisms, orbital deployers, deployable antenna systems, mechanisms based on tubular booms, penetrators, electromagnetic actuators, sampling mechanisms, space bearings, while the main services offered are R&D activities in the field of space mechanisms, tribology, thermal coatings, solid lubricants and hard coatings.

We are currently looking for a versatile project engineer to carry out technical tasks in the domain of robotics (also mobile robotics), mechatronics, simulation of dynamical systems, and functional tests execution in close relation to mechanisms development for space application. Your main assignments will include software development for embedded systems, data acquisition, documents preparation, building of electronics and mechatronics systems, and carrying out tests.