Senior mechanical engineer 



Astronika sp. z o.o. was established in 2013 with the goal of taking crucial part in the development of the commercial space sector in Poland. Astronika is committed to supplying innovative solutions to the widely understood aerospace industry. Services are provided to large as well as small companies, international agencies, and the government, and they aim to meet the demand of Polish, European and global markets. Currently, the company contributes to missions such as i.a. ESA’s JUICE (Jupiter) and ATHENA (X-ray satellite), or Roskosmos/ESA’s Luna-Resurs (Moon). 

The main space products developed by the company include: lock & release mechanisms, orbital deployers, deployable antenna systems, mechanisms based on tubular booms, penetrators, electromagnetic actuators, sampling mechanisms, space bearings, while the main services offered are R&D activities in the field of space mechanisms, tribology, thermal coatings, solid lubricants and hard coatings.  

Role summary: 

We are looking for a person to comprehensively carry out technical orders and commissions from the mechanism’s conceptualization up to final delivery. The employee’s tasks will include analyzing requirements, designing mechanisms, participating in manufacturing, integration and testing, preparing technical documentation and reports, as well as participating in technical reviews with the client and contributing to proposals for new projects.  

Responsibilities will include: 

  • Carrying out engineering projects to meet customer’s technical needs, 
  • Reviewing and establishing technical requirements with the customer, 
  • Formulating conceptual designs and implementing proposed solutions, 
  • Designing relevant mechanisms and components 
  • Performing necessary analyses and simulations, 
  • Creating technical plans and reports in line with contract requirements, 
  • Preparing technical documentation for manufacturing, 
  • Oversight over in-house manufacturing, external orders, and integration, 
  • Thoroughly planning and participating in the performance of applicable tests,  
  • Oversight over a small group of engineers in chosen projects, 
  • Contributing to the technical parts of proposals, bids and offers.   


Key requirements: 

  • A least 15 years of experience in designing mechanisms and mechanical components,  
  • Extensive knowledge in the fields of mechanics, kinematics, dynamics, material strength and mechanical vibrations, 
  • Experience in selecting base components and materials, 
  • Knowledge of basic machining and manufacturing processes, 
  • Command of CAD, 
  • Level of English allowing for direct contact with foreign customer and preparation of documents, 
  • University degree in engineering 


Employer offers: 

  • Full time position in leading Polish provider of space mechanisms and robotics for global market, 
  • Participation in numerous interesting and challenging projects, 
  • Work in professional European project consortiums, 
  • Chance for professional development and gaining knowledge of industry standards, 
  • Participation in international technical reviews, conferences, symposia,  
  • Competitive salary and private medical insurance. 



To apply for this position, please send your CV and other relevant documents to: with the title “Senior mechanical engineer”. 

The company reserves the right to close the recruitment process before 28th Feb 2021 

Legal Statement 

All CVs should contain the following statement:  

I hereby authorize Astronika Sp. Z o.oto process my personal data included in my job application for the needs of the recruitment process and future recruitment processes, in accordance with the Personnel Protection Act 29.08.1997 (Dz. U. 2002 no 101 position 926). 


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